Thursday, June 11, 2015

Krisis atau biar berbillion ringgit dicuri?.. soal Mahathir

Bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mengaku beliau berada di belakang krisis yang melanda syarikat bermasalah 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), hanya kerana beliau mengetengahkan aduannya kepada pengetahuan umum.

Dr Mahathir berkata, beliau memilih untuk bersuara mengenai "salah laku" 1MDB kerana orang lain tidak berani melakukan demikian, sedangkan kebisuan mereka itu akan menyebabkan Barisan Nasional (BN) kalah pada pilihan raya umum akan datang.

“Perdana menteri kata Dr M (sayalah) di belakang krisis itu,” tulis Dr Mahathir dalam entri terbaru blognya hari ini.

“Saya mengaku, memang saya di belakang 'krisis' itu. Saya di belakangnya kerana wujud iklim ketakutan di negara ini,” katanya.

Beliau mendakwa, ramai yang menyedari "kehilangan berbilion ringgit oleh 1MDB", tetapi terlalu takut menghadapi akibatnya sekiranya mereka menyuarakan kebimbangan mereka.

"Jadi, mereka datang kepada saya. Mereka minta saya 'lakukan sesuatu'," tulisnya.

Berikut adalah catatannya...

1. Prime Minister says Dr M (that’s me) is behind the crisis. 
2. I will admit that I am behind the “crisis”. I am behind it because there is a climate of fear in this country. 
3. Lots of people know about the loss of billions of Ringgit by 1MDB. These people are in a position to know because they have seen evidence of this loss. But they are afraid because of actions which the Government can take against them. They may lose their jobs, or contracts or expectations of titles etc. 
4. So they come to tell me. And they ask me to “do something”. For a long time I desisted because I know if I reveal the wrong doings of 1MDB, it will lead to the Prime Minister being questioned. 
5. I had tried to do it privately. But there was no result. I told the Prime Minister I no longer supported him. No result. 
6. So I had to go public. Najib has destroyed UMNO and BN. I know he would lose the next election. And then the whole country will see turmoil as no party, would have the majority to run the country. 
7. The opposition cannot because they would be quarrelling among themselves. A Pakatan Government would be weak and unstable. 
8. Without a strong Government this country would become anarchic. The crisis that would accompany the anarchic situation would be worse. 
9. So I decided to expose the wrong-doings of 1MDB of which the Prime Minister is effectively the head. 
10. Is there a crisis? There is. It is caused by the Prime Minister creating 1MDB borrowing huge sums of money and losing billions of Ringgit. 
11. The crisis can be ended immediately if the Prime Minister resigns and allow a full investigation to be made on the RM42 billion borrowed by 1MDB. As long as the Prime Minister is there, no proper investigation can be made. Already we are seeing not only are reports to the police on 1MDB and Jho Low not being investigated, but the person who made the report being declared a bankrupt, his house confiscated and sold and he himself being investigated for money laundering and financing terrorists. The court has decided he is not bankrupt. 
12. If no crimes can be detected and all the money is returned, Najib can come back as Prime Minister and lead BN in the next election. 
13. By accusing me of being responsible for the crisis, Najib is saying let us accept the disappearance of the billions of Ringgit and behave as if nothing wrong has been done. From the interest and concern shown by the people over the losses suffered by 1MDB, the matter cannot just be ignored. The people responsible must be investigated and if found guilty, they must be punished. 
14. A crisis may be the result but should we allow thieves to steal billions of Ringgit in order to avoid a crisis. 



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