Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Isu 'kucing kurap' : UMNO dan PKR Pulau Pinang bersama membelasah Jeff Ooi..

Angkatan Muda Keadilan Pulau Pinang hari ini tampil mempertahankan bos mereka Mansor Othman, sekali gus mengkritik anggota Parlimen Jelutomg daripada DAP Jeff Ooi kerana menggelar penjawat awam sebagai "kucing kurap".

Naib Ketua AMK negeri Dr Afif Bahardin berkata, kebiadapan Ooi terhadap penjawat awam berpangkat rendah dalam Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) itu tidak boleh diterima.

..... In the latest ‘kucing kurap’ spat between DAP and PKR, the Penang PKR Youth wing has come out to defend their boss, Mansor Othman. 
State PKR Youth vice-chief Dr Afif Bahardin said Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi’s rudeness in describing Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) low-ranking civil servants as ‘kucing kurap’ (small fry) is uncalled for. 
Afif said Mansor, the state PKR chief and Nibong Tebal MP, was not interfering in Ooi’s constituency but merely suggesting that he respect others, even if they are low-ranking staff. 
“To label someone ‘kucing kurap’ is simply unprofessional,” Afif told Malaysiakini.
“Don’t treat civil servants as BN leaders used to treat them as every civil servant has dignity and a noble profession,” added Afif, who is state executive councillor on health. 
On Sunday, Ooi blasted Mansor for chiding him over his ‘kucing kurap’ remark which was an apparent attack against MPPP president Patahiyah Ismail. 
Ooi was unhappy that MPPP had despatched low-ranking and ill-informed staff to handle his complaints over illegal hawkers in his constituency. 
Ooi had also raised the concerns of investors who threatened to pull out their multi-million ringgit investments due to MPPP’s delay in processing their development plans. 
Ooi had then suggested that Patahiyah quit her post if she cannot perform as well as her predecessors. 
In response, Mansor demanded that Ooi apologise over his “demeaning” remark, saying it does not reflect the spirit of Pakatan, and urging him to air his complaints internally. 
Afif said as part of the Pakatan Rakyat team, Ooi could air his grievances directly to the state exco and state government. 
As a DAP leader, who used to be chief of staff to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, Ooi can share his problems with his bosses, including state DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow. 
Chow is also state exco member for local government, who oversees MPPP. 
“Why is there a need to go to the media? We are after all in Pakatan and should communicate and discuss matters internally,” said Afif. 
‘Penangites want leaders who are polite and sensible’ 
“There is no use being rude or arrogant as I believe Penangites want leaders who are polite and sensible,” he added. 
“I urge Jeff Ooi to apologise to the civil servants,” he quipped. 
Ooi had stood by his remarks, refusing to apologise, saying his remark was neither derogatory nor demeaning. 
Ooi also blamed Mansor, whom he added has yet to be accountable for the loss in Balik Pulau in the May 5 election as the parliamentary seat was captured by BN’s Dr Hilmy Yahya. 
Afif said there is no guarantee that even if a DAP candidate is placed in Balik Pulau, the seat could be retained. 
“We must remember, in Balik Pulau, money politics and election irregularities were rampant, just ask our candidate (Muhammad Baktiar Wan Chik) there,” said Afif. 
“To move forward is to look see how Pakatan could work together to reform the election process, and make it free and fair,” he added. 
“Instead of being arrogant, Pakatan leaders should continue to push hard and demand electoral reforms,” he stressed.

... The Star pula melaporkan pemimpin UMNO tidak melepaskan peluang untuk membelasah pemimpin DAP yang memang terkenal dengan cakap ikut suka dia saja ni...

..... GEORGE TOWN: Penang Umno has demanded that Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi issue an open apology and retract his statement on calling low ranking Penang Municipal Council officers kucing kurap (people of no significance). 
Its liaison committee chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng should also take action against Ooi. 
"If not, Lim is reflected that he is of the same view as Ooi," Zainal Abidin, who is also JKP Sdn Bhd chairman said after the Corporate Integrity Pledge signing ceremony at Eastin Hotel Penang on Monday. 
He added that the then Barisan Nasional administration had enjoyed good cooperation with civil servants and had never utter rude and vulgar words towards them. 
Zainal Abidin also chided Ooi for being disrespectful and unethical for the latter's remark.
"I took his statement as an insult and humiliation to all MPPP staff as well as government servants," he said.



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