Monday, January 7, 2013

Takut rahsia terbongkar, Rosmah arah Pengawal Peribadi halang wartawan yang tanya tentang tuduhan Deepak..

Pengawal peribadi Rosmah Mansor dilaporkan telah menghalang para wartawan dari terus mengasak Rosmah dengan soalan mengenai pendedahan yang melibatkan dirinya oleh Usahawan Kontroversi Deepak Jaikishan, menimbulkan persoalan kenapa beliau takut untuk menjawab?

Pengawal Peribadi itu pasti tidak akan bertindak sedemikian jika tiada arahan yang dikeluarkan oleh Rosmah Mansor sendiri..

Kejadian dilaporkan telah berlaku ketika majlis pelancaran Roti 1Malaysia oleh Rosmah..

Baca ni..

KUALA LUMPUR: From her alleged gem-stone links with carpet dealer Deepak Jaikishan to her purported hand in P Balasubramaniam’s second statutory declaration (SD), Rosmah Mansor has become juicy fodder for a public hungry for answers.

But while pressure mounted on Rosmah to respond to the incriminating allegations, the self-proclaimed First Lady of Malaysia today continued to remain mum during her public appearance, despite being pestered by reporters several times throughout the day over the issue.

A journalist from news portal Malaysiakini bore the brunt of it when he approached the premier’s wife from the sidelines while she exited the launching of the Roti 1Malaysia Charity Programme.

As he was asking his question, a bodyguard emerged from the crowd and grabbed his arm, effectively halting the reporter from pestering Rosmah further.

“Where are you from?” the male bodyguard demanded once he moved the reporter out of Rosmah’s path.

Unwilling to reveal his company’s name, the reporter, who was almost half the bodyguard’s size, simply replied that he was from “the media”.

“I just want to ask her a question,” the reporter explained, while a curious Rosmah stood by to witness the scene unfold.

But the bodyguard curtly replied: “No need.”

As Rosmah walked away, a female bodyguard appeared and stood in the reporter’s way to stop him from pursuing her.

Later, as Rosmah dined with the event organisers in a restaurant, an officer from the Prime Minister’s Office interrupted FMT’s attempts to approach her table.

“It’s not nice to ask her questions now,” said the officer.

“You can ask her questions during her press conferences.”

Meanwhile, a group of journalists waited patiently at the restaurant’s exit to pounce on Rosmah as she was leaving.

However, they too were foiled; officers escorting Rosmah told the ambushing reporters to “give cooperation”.

Defeated, the journalists backed off ~ Free Malaysia Today 

Pepatah Melayu ada mengatakan "Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah" boleh dikaitkan dengan tindakan Rosmah Mansor ini.

Jadi fikir-fikirkan....

Buat pencacai UMNO yang masih sibuk nak membela Rosmah Mansor ni.. sebelum korang pertahankan dia, korang pergi tanya Dr. Novandri (MiM).. adakah sebab sebenar beliau terpaksa meminta maaf dari Khalid Samad?

Laporan tentang Blogger MiM minta maaf dari Khalid Samad tu sila baca di ( SINI )



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