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Penyenaraian FGVH : Durian Runtuh untuk Peneroka atau Isa Samad?

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata kerajaan bercadang menyenaraikan FGVH sebelum pertengahan tahun 2012.

Oleh itu setiap peneroka Felda akan menerima “durian runtuh” yang jumlahnya akan diumumkan sebelum penyenaraian FELDA Venture Holding (FGVH).

Langkah penyenaraian itu, tambah Najib, adalah bagi menghasilkan dana untuk menjadikan FGVH sebuah syarikat berstatus konglomerat global.

Adakah benar dakwaan Najib itu bahawa Peneroka akan menerima 'Durian Runtuh'?

Cuba korang baca surat terbuka yang telah ditulis oleh seseorang yang hanya mahu dirinya dikenali sebagai Suara Felda ini..

Surat terbuka ini telah disiarkan oleh Malaysia Today pada 3 Oktober lalu.

Dengan tajuk 'Open House in FELDA for Pakatan Rakyat Leaders' penulis telah menceritakan hal-hal dalaman felda bermula dari bagaimana Isa Samad memperolehi jawatan Pengerusi Felda hingga kepada berapa saguhati yang akan dibayar kepada mereka jika bersetuju untuk menerima Isa sebagai Pengerusi Koperasi Permodalan Felda dan siapa sebenarnya yang mempunyai kuasa penuh dalam Felda.

Sebahagian surat tersebut..

Felda is no longer protected by UMNO. They send a useless guy from Port Dickson to helm the Felda Chaiman's chair with the aim to make Felda as their cash register. Together with his Rosmah-attitude wife, his greedy officers and countless political allies to feed their lust, the useless guy is currently twisting, changing and hijacking every business opportunity and other daily decisions of the Felda management. Never has the Felda management and staff had this kind of rogue chairman before.

Felda people, management, staff and settlers love their current Director General. Humble, polite, soft spoken, intelligent but brave enough to face risks make him popular among Felda people. He is in fact considered one of their own. He can be relied on to protect Felda from opportunists from UMNO especially from the useless guy from the PD camp. This makes the useless guy from PD very angry. He is not used to being tied down from making the ultimate decision as he was the Negeri Sembilan MB, for heaven's sake! He must have thought that while he was Menteri Besar a few years' back, whatever it is in Negeri Sembilan be it in the land, water and air is UMNO's and so does Felda, Felda Holding and other subsidaries, Koperasi Permodalan Felda (Felda Cooperatives), Yayasan Felda, Felda United and other Felda affiliates.

He stomps his feet towards Najib's office and brings along hisr wife, which appears to be Rosmah's evil twin sister and both having husband meet husband and wife meet wife meeting. Probably after watching that special video from Port Dickson with Najib, and commenting how smart Najib looks in the video, Najib grants him his All Entry Passport to Felda akin to Genting or Disneyland's All Entry Ticket.

He planned and schemed with other politicians in Felda's Boardmembers and lured the CEO of Felda Global Venture (whose position will always be filled by UMNO goons who has the most ability to venture Felda fund towards the most ridiculous, money wasting and unprofitable venture) and while the Felda Director General was away performing Umrah at Makkah, he sprang his surprises and showed the Felda Board Members his All Entry Passport.

While he thought that he is the most brilliant UMNO member to hijack a professional board member meeting, he forgot that watching his attitude on behalf of the Director General are the representatives from the settlers and the management.The useless guy from Port Dickson rejoiced at the thought of Felda riches and the skills he used reminiscent of his past skills to woo his current wife. In one stroke, the Felda people lost the Koperasi Permodalan Felda chairmanship to a man who was found guilty of money politics, lost thousands of its lands worth billions currently managed by Felda Plantations to the hand of Felda Global Venture Holding for 60 years, and even lost power over direction and control of a Felda subsidiary by virtue of a new structure which will be announced soon.

The next few weeks are very crucial to the Felda management, staff and settlers. They are waiting for the dreaded news from the sky and expecting mumbo-jumbos term from Isa's blue eyed boy, the CEO of Felda Global Ventures (or fondly known as the President of Felda Global Misadventures) to justify whatever action that is going to be taken to elevate Felda higher, perhaps to the 7th Heaven where all souls of past and present Felda people will go and mourn.

Isa would have never been able to do this without the brainchild of Dr Suzana Idayu and of course his boss, the CEO of Felda Global Ventures, Dato Sabri Ahmad (whose contract is about to expire and had to offer something extraordinary). Of course, a special thank you also goes to Felda Innovation and Youth Director, Mr. Faizoull Ahmad who willingly became the mercenary for Isa as Faizoull has eaten the bait to become the next Director General latest just before election (early next year).

As the saying the dog who bites the hand that feeds him, it is the same from him towards the Felda Director General who elevated him to the Director position and created this new department as a platform for him to propose an innovation and transformation program for Felda and at the same time create a meaningful and balanced Felda youth program.

Last but not least, kudos to the central committee of Majlis Belia Felda Malaysia led by Anuar Manap who without the support and trust of the current Felda Director General, would not be known and be as popular as he is now and even named as a potential candidate for DUN Johor. This young politician, realizing that Isa has been appointed by the Prime Minister as one of the panel to choose DUN and Parliament candidates for UMNO, has quickly asked the support of his central comittee and his two beautiful wives to realign their support to the useless guy from Port Dickson and become honchos of Faizoull, even though it is the current Director General who gave them a lease of life by giving funds and projects, involved in planning for Felda youth future plans and even appointed one of MBFM's central committee as a Felda officer with Grade 44 and emolument of RM6,000 every month.

However, Anuar Manap stumbled at this moment to convince the MBFM grassroots to support the useless guy from Port Dickson, as their grassroots chose to support their own regional Felda management and staff. At the same moment, other Felda youth movements such as Persatuan Usahawan Generasi Felda and Gabungan Wawasan Generasi Felda were inclined to support the Felda management and staff and understood well that the above issue also affects settlers and their futures in the long run.

The above is not just a story. It is a key factor for BN's biggest defeat ever in Felda and the whole nation. The useless guy from Port Dickson has promised that if settlers were to accept him as KPF chairman and other decisions, each settler would receive RM15,000.

To pay 122,000 settlers, he would have to have a minimum fund of RM1.8 billion to do so. This exercise would be funded by the money from the leasing of the Felda Plantation land exercise. What other strategy do you expect from a guilty money politics offender?

Again, as a reminder to PR leaders not to syok sendiri at this crucial moment to whack the Felda management and staff and use the same tactic to instigate settlers to sue Felda as time again and again would tell you that this will only give you 20% of the votes in Felda areas.

Show your support for the Felda management, staff and settlers by bringing them together into this issue and make the fence-sitters and BN voters among management, staff and settlers know and understand this issue. All these news are currently tightly held and barred from leaving the headquarters. However from SB and Seranta reports, the grounds at Felda areas are now shaking hard and in every Felda region, the management, staff and settlers have some idea on this issue and are against it with all their hearts. Some even tore down Najib's and Isa's posters from their walls in anger.

In response to this, the useless guy from Port Dickson has issued a complete stop to all Felda programs until Budget 2012 is announced by the PM. He fears that the Felda management, staff and settlers will converge and release all this information early to everybody and conspire to plan his fall.

Currently, all management and staff are in a curfew state and only his men are allowed to travel and do their own planning and programs. The Director General himself is not spared and he was reported to KDN as trying to instigate a movement among Felda people to topple Najib. It is a cheap tactic to tell Najib that what he, the useless guy from Port Dickson has done to Felda is not wrong and the Felda people currently resents us not because we are wrong but because the Director General instigated them. The result is now the SB is everywhere, following the Director General's car, tapping into his conversations, hacking his emails, attending his functions and he has to videotape every speech in anticipation of any wrongful report to KDN that he plans to topple Najib.

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