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Beliawanis MCA : Patut pun cantik.... Model rupanya (Gambar)

MCA AGM Hot Chicks Beauty Models

Penampilan tujuh jelitawan muda pada Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan Pemuda MCA pada Sabtu 1 Oktober lalu, selain dari mencuri tumpuan para perwakilan terutamanya Chua Soi Lek sendiri dan media juga membuatkan aku tertanya-tanya dari mana MCA mendapat mereka.

Yalah.. pada kebiasaannya baik dalam sebarang demo mahupun dihari penamaan calon kehadiran golongan belia dari kaum Tionghua ini adalah jarang dilihat biarpun majoriti mereka menyokong Pakatan Rakyat.

Petikan dari Malaysiakini - Setelah diberikan isyarat, tujuh jelitawan itu mendahului kumpulan wanita MCA memasuki dewan di Wisma MCA itu dan mengambil tempat dududuk yang disediakan khas. Mereka juga sempat memberikan senyuman kepada jurugambar yang sibuk merakamkan kejelitawan mereka.

Tindakan itu adalah sebahagian daripada permulaan simbolik kepada Pemuda MCA yang bakal membuka pintunya kepada ahli-ahli wanita mulai tahun depan.

Walaupun jelitawan itu cukup selesa mengukirkan senyuman di hadapan kamera, namun kegagalan pihak penganjur mengaturkan sesi wawancara denagn wartawan menimbulkan persoalan sama ada ini satu sandiwara ataupun opera Cina.

Gambar-gambar jelitawan itu juga banyak tersebar di internet, terutamanya di Facebook, sehingga ada yang berpendapat tujuh wanita itu telah diupah sebagai sebahagian daripada usaha mendapatkan publisiti secara meluas – sepenuhnya di SINI

Hakikatnya bukanlah mudah untuk berasa selesa mengukirkan senyuman di hadapan kamera jika anda tidak biasa.. tetapi ianya adalah mudah jika anda sudah biasa..

Terutamanya jika kerjaya mereka adalah sebagai Model.. Model yang penampilannya perlu dibayar..

Baca dan saksikan siapa Jeliwatan yang dikatakan dari Beliawanis MCA itu dan ketahui juga apa pekerjaan mereka yang dirahsiakan oleh beberapa pemimpin MCA itu..

Terdesak serupa UMNO jugak MCA ni…

MCA Hot Chicks – A Publicity Stunt Turns Sour

MCA, one of the three major component political parties of the ruling coalition in Malaysia, is dying. The party, led by President Chua Soi Lek, had been trying thousands of methods to win the hearts of the young voters but in vain, had resorted to the extreme measure not tried before – showcasing some 7 hot chicks during its MCA Youth AGM – raising many outsiders’ eyebrows and definitely raising many insiders’ (MCA members) “inner spirit” judging from the smiles and satisfaction from all those who attended the recent annual general meeting.

MCA AGM Hot Chicks Beauty Models

Those who didn’t turn up during the Oct 2 AGM are still kicking themselves, as this round of meeting was perhaps the best (and hottest) in the history of the party. The 7 beauties were so hot with some wearing short-skirts that photographers were snapping their photos as if there’s no tomorrow.

I bet those photographers would have tagged “more films or upgrade memory” in their todo-list when they were to cover the event come next AGM. Who knows – maybe Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson would show up.

MCA AGM Hot Chicks Beauty Models

Sexy girls, hot chicks, beauty models, show girls, hot babes, or whatever you wish to call it, is an important ingredient in any product selling. And it seems MCA recognise this after they learnt from their mentor, PM Najib Razak.

Do you know which department is the most important in any organization? Which department actually sells the company’s product? If you answer is “Sales”, then I bet your company is not doing that spectacular after so many years.

The answer is “Marketing” and this is the major differentiation between major Asia companies and Western companies in doing businesses.

MCA AGM Hot Chicks Beauty Models

PM Najib Razak recognises the important of branding. That was why his administration spent a whopping RM94 million (19.6 million euros) to media consultancy company FBC Media for 3-year period starting 2007 – for consultancy services and management of communication campaign.

In short it was for marketing job to “repair and overhaul” the tainted ruling government’s image, never mind that it cost the public RM94 million. That was why PM Najib has been going into the radio station numerous times to engage the youngsters pretending to be “Cool”.

Of course not all youngsters are stupid to be tricked but you would be surprise on the number of the remaining idiots which would come handy, especially in the razor-thin majority seats.

And MCA did just that – marketing and rebranding its party image, although it was badly executed. You don’t hire a group of beauties and held a special ceremony for these hot chicks to walk into the hall together as if it was a Super GT or beauty contest.

Strange that MCA Youth Chief didn’t pose for a photo with all the hot chicks surrounding him, as is he was James Bond. It would be more natural for them to walk in mixing with the other formal members, but then it would defeat the purpose of marketing the hot-chicks-also-join-MCA idea.

Also, the contradiction about the hot chicks’ membership – first it was told they were from Subang division, then Shah Alam division – was simply hilarious.

MCA AGM Hot Chicks Beauty Models

And why can’t they set the record straight whether the sexy girls were hired or otherwise? Beating around the bush with “no comment” would only make MCA party looks foolish with the latest publicity stunt.

People are not too concern whether these allegedly “hired models” are already MCA members or member-wannabe or observers but more on the sudden appearance and special treatment given during the AGM.

And why lie about these hot chicks being bank executive, senior property negotiator, corporate executives or marketing executive when in fact they (at least four of them, as identified by a user from are actually models for Motors-GT, magazines, computer fairs and whatnot?

The way MCA tries to hide the models’ occupation give an impression that modelling is an occupation fit into prostitution category when in fact it isn’t.

Do you know that Forbes Supermodel Rich List 2011 such as Gisele Bundchen (#1) earns a whopping $45 million, Heidi Klum (#2) earns $20 million and Kate Moss (#3) earns about $13.5 million alone?

Was MCA worried about its President Chua Soi Lek’s previous sex scandal would surface just because the party hired the hot models with the intention of attracting youngsters into the party?

Of course, these hot chicks are there to make a living so if MCA or any political parties for that matter are willing to pay for their appearance, they would definitely accept the offer. As for MCA membership – I’m sure they won’t mind signing on the form’s dotted line as long as it won’t cost them a leg and an arm.

They’re not serious about going into politics anyway. Anyway, judging from the remarks from netizens after the delicious presentation, it seems the plan to use pretty faces and sexy body backfires badly on the face of MCA particularly Chua Soi Lek.

Naturally netizens recalled the president’s sex video scandal and commented how cheap and low MCA was in using such tactic. If using beauty faces can win votes and members in a big way, President Obama won’t have to scratch his head everyday worrying about the U.S. economy. Hopefully the party will not use sex as the next approach to win over votes.

Hopefully they can differentiate between a dying political house and a Penthouse (*grin*). But it was a good try though. At least the existing members were lucky to have a feast of drools and realized how obsolete the party is.

I mean, who would you rather vote from the photo challenge below? The answer is obvious, isn’t it?



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