Biometric : Sumber dana Pilihanraya UMNO?

The Umno elections might be more than a year away but those who want to go to the top need to make their money from last year. Otherwise, how to be number 1.

Let’s face it. Jibby Razak is out of the picture. He can’t get two-thirds majority in the next general election without whole-scale cheating. He’s not used to fighting or cheating because he doesn’t need to fight.

Have you ever seen him fight for a post? Not for Umno Youth. Also not in the 1993 Umno elections when he was part of the Wawasan Team led by Anwar “Mat Leather King” Ibrahim.

But others have to fight. And they all need money to fight, to buy votes, to guarantee loyalty among the Umno voters and delegates. Lots of money lah.

That’s where biometrics comes in. Create a system that no one needs and make money off the migrants, the workers, the illegals and anyone else looking to use cheap labour.

After all, what is RM300 per illegal? Cheap what. Multiply with the 2 million illegals and plus re-registering those who are legal? Money in the bag lah.

Who’s in on it? The question to ask is, who isn’t in on it? It’s the biggest racket that involves Umno’s senior politicians who want to take over from Najib.

Let’s name them. Mahyuddin Yassin, whose family controls the biometrics supplier. Hishammuddin “Awwwww” Hussein, the minister who regulates the system.

Funnily enough, one more name. Jibby’s right-hand man, The Malay Mail owner and SMIDEC chairman Al Amin Majid.


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August 22, 2011 at 8:03 AM delete

andai berita ini benar bermakna UMNO akan tiru gerak kerja PKR . eeemmm menarik . sebab PKR yanng mulakan langkah mengumpul dana pilihanraya dengan cara mengadakan pilihanraya kampung . yerlah satu kampung peruntukan RM200k. itu cara PKR kebas duit negeri selangor untuk pilihanraya . alaaa negeri yang dikuasai dan dibawah pengaruh gereja katakan.

August 22, 2011 at 8:42 AM delete

UMNO memang banggang ikut gerak kerja musuh....maknanya penganutpas ni lagi bahalul..

August 22, 2011 at 12:00 PM delete

PenganutPAS ini memang sampai kiamat samada kiamat dunia ni atau pun kiamat diri nya memang dah tercatyat manusia paling bangang dan dungu dan unta banghdad jd kaldai umporno apco, 2 juta PATI jd warga negara akan memakan harta anak peribumi termasuk hak2 PenganutPAS dan ahli keluarga nya serta nasab ketutunan nya.

August 22, 2011 at 12:39 PM delete

org yg tataw pape pasal pas mendakwa diri die palaing pas antara org laen

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