Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cabar Najib Debat, Anwar tak patut...

Semalam dalam sidang Media yang telah diadakan di Ibu Pejabat KEADILAN di Petaling Jaya Ketua Umum KEADILAN pada sebelah pagi, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim telah mencabar Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak supaya mengadakan debat terbuka berhubung fakta dalam program 100 Hari Pakatan Rakyat.

Rasanya ini adalah satu tindakan yang amat tidak sepatutnya dilakukan oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Kerana ianya adalah sesuatu yang tidak adil buat Najib bilamana Anwar Ibrahim mencabarnya untuk berdebat sekarang, sedangkan kita semua tahu bahawa pada masa sekarang Isteri beliau iaitu Rosmah sedang berada diluar negara atas urusan penting Negara.

Anwar Ibrahim sepatutnya bertimbang rasa sikit dalam hal ini, Anwar sepatutnya menunggu hingga Rosmah pulang dari luar Negara untuk mencabar Najib berdebat, kerana hampir seluruh rakyat Malaysia tahu yang Najib tidak boleh membuat sebarang keputusan tanpa campur tangan dari Rosmah.

Tambahan pula dalam hal debat ini.. nasihat Rosmah adalah sangat penting buat Najib, kerana ianya akan memperlihatkan kepada rakyat semua akan keupayaan sebenar Najib didalam mentadbirkan ekonomi Negara..

"Unfair" for Anwar to debate with Najib when Rosmah is overseas
Written by Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysia Chronicle

It is so unfair of Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, to challenge Prime minister Najib Abdul Razak to a debate, knowing that the First Lady is away in Saudi Arabia on urgent government business.

The least Anwar could have done was to wait until her return. Everyone is aware that Najib is not a patch on the First Lady. Her advice in something as important as an open debate cannot be denied.

As expected, Pakatan’s 100-day reforms have hit a raw nerve with the ruling party. Those with much to hide and even more, to lose, will want to defend the status quo.

Surprisingly, there is now a queue of Umno politicians egging Anwar on, to have a debate with them instead of with their leader, Najib.

First of these is the outgoing Umno Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin. He issued his challenge over Twitter and said, “You and me, Dato’ seri. On the economy. Let’s debate.”

Why should Anwar even bother with Khairy? Khairy recently announced that he was having a break from politics, so as to study.

Others firmly believed that Khairy was asked to leave by Najib to avoid his administration being dragged into the glare of publicity from the investigation into bribes which Alcatel paid to Telekom Malaysia Bhd and two ‘consultants’. One of these ‘consultants’ was allegedly Khairy.

Right behind Khairy is the Minister in the Prime minister’s Department, Nazri Aziz. He too, has challenged Anwar to a debate about APCO.

Then, acting like he is a glutton for punishment, the Information, Communication and Culture Minister, Rais Yatim, waded in and described Anwar’s debate a ‘gimmick’ for cheap publicity.

Amazingly, like a dung heap which attracts flies, other politicians felt compelled to join in the clamour for Najib to avoid ‘that’ debate with Anwar.

Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali warned Najib to avoid Anwar as he claimed that Anwar was neither an expert in economy nor finance, and had no experience, nor qualifications.

Perak’s Umno Youth Khairul Azwan Harun, voter registration bureau chairman Hishamuddin Yahya and Director of the Institute of Ethnic Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Prof Dr Shamsul Amri Baharudin all felt that Anwar’s desire for a debate was a sign of desperation.

Doesn’t it look like everyone is moving quickly and positioning themselves, like the pieces on a boardgame?

Why are all these people bending over backwards offering to take Najib’s place for that all important debate?

The reason is not that Najib is afraid.

The truth is that the people who volunteered to take Najib’s place, in the debate, simply have no faith in Najib.

They are also confident that they have superior debating skills.

Perhaps some are trying to prove their loyalty to Najib, especially as his Deputy is conveniently out of the way in America. Perhaps they are also eyeing the DPM’s post.

Others are possibly more ambitious.

What could be more telling, than to show off one’s skills and knowledge in a debate, and let others be aware that they are worthy of the top prize in a leadership contest. After all, everyone knows that Najib was not an elected Prime minister.

Khairy must regret the day he announced the break from politics and is no longer treated seriously. But he is foolish to think that Anwar would consider having a debate with him.

Why should Anwar have anything to do with a Mr.‘Has-Been’?



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