Krisis MIC : UMNO tak terlibat.. err.. cuma tolong sewa Dewan saja..

Semalam Muhyiddin Yassin menyifatkan tuduhan anak Sammy Vellu yang mengatakan bahawa UMNO menjadi punca kepada masaalah yang dialami oleh MIC sekarang adalah satu tuduhan yang biadap.

Timbalan presiden UMNO itu juga menegaskan “Umno ingin menafikan sekeras-kerasnya tuduhan oleh anak Samy Vellu itu. Ia adalah sesuatu yang biadap,”

Kononnya UMNO tidak terlibat.. tetapi menurut T. Mohan Ketua Pemuda MIC, UMNO telah menyewa sebuah dewan di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) pada hari pelancaran Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu (GAS) pada Ahad ini.

Ini telah disahkan melalui panggilan telefon yang dibuat oleh beliau ke PWTC sendiri..

Kah.. Kah.. Kah.. UMNO kantoi la pulak dah.. dah terlibat tu mengaku sajalah..
Berterus terang sajalah dengan Samy Vellu tu yang UMNO memang sudah tidak mahu Samy Vellu menjadi Presiden MIC lagi.. kenapa takut nak berterus terang dengan Samy Vellu tu?

Tapi seperti yang kita semua sedia maklum budaya menafikan apa yang telah dibuat oleh mereka ialah budaya UMNO.. atau lain perkataan ialah lempar batu sembunyi tangan..

Kalau dengan sekutu sendiripun mereka boleh menikam dari belakang.. dengan seteru pasti lebih teruk dibuat mereka..


'Umno booked venue for anti-Samy rally'

By Teoh El Sen

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC Youth chief T Mohan claimed that the Putra World Trade Centre hall to be used for this Sunday's official launch of the “Gerakan Anti-Samy Vellu” (GAS) campaign was booked under Umno's name.

Mohan told FMT that his men had called up PWTC to check on the 2pm event.

“One of my men called up the person-in-charge of PWTC's Dewan Merdeka hall by the name of Mr Azwan, and this is what he told us.

"Usually when we book an event for MIC, it will be recorded under MIC. So I was surprised when I found out that it was done under Umno's name," he added, demanding an explanation from Umno.

However, Mohan said it could have been booked by certain individuals using Umno's name.

The Youth chief stressed that if it is indeed Umno which booked the hall, then MIC would have to review its position in the Barisan Nasional.

"But, if, and I say if, it is really Umno that is behind this, then it means that Umno is not working with us. And we Youth wing members will need to propose to the MIC CWC (central working committee) to decide whether MIC is still relevant in BN or not," he said.

A check by FMT later revealed that PWTC's event and sales department has an officer by the name of Nur Azwan Ghazali.

Probed on the booking, Nur Azwan refused to comment on the matter. Bernama later quoted Umno executive secretary Abd Rauf Yusoh as denying that the party had booked the hall.

On the Sunday gathering, Mohan said that he wants to know if the police will allow an “illegal gathering” to take place.

"If it is illegal then how come the police are allowing this? GAS is not an organisation or party. If a permit is given, then anyone can come up with some group called GUN, GUM or GAY... you are then setting a precedent," he said.

The Youth chief also dismissed his former deputy V Mugilan's claim that more than 7,000 people are expected to turn up for the gathering.

"His numbers don't mean anything. In politics, for example, an Anwar (Ibrahim) gathering can have thousands but not necessarily all of them are his supporters. I myself can bring 14,000 or 20,000,” he said.

He also dismissed Mugilan's claim of speaking for the majority, saying the latter was "nothing" and the group was simply "troublemakers".


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