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'Free Anwar Campaign' Ada orang sudah buat duit rupanya..

Free Anwar Campaign telah digerakkan dengan tujuan utamanya ialah untuk mencari keadilan dan kebebasan bagi Anwar Ibrahim dan menegakkan perjuangan dan pengorbanan Anwar Ibrahim untuk membina masyarakat dan bangsa Malaysia yang berpaksikan kepada keadilan, agama, iman dan nilai-nilai kemanusiaan yang mulia.

Kempen ini telah digerakkan oleh Raja Petra Kamaruddin bersendirian hanya semata-mata untuk menyokong perjuangan Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang dipenjarakan ketika itu.

Ini bukanlah sebuah kempen yang dijalankan untuk mencari keuntungan, malang buat Raja Petra kerana niat ikhlasnya itu telah dimanipulasi oleh pihak lain yang mencari keuntungan.

Dan lebih malang lagi buat Rakyat Malaysia yang menyokong PKR , kerana dalam diam pemimpin-pemimpin muda dari PKR yang dipercayai oleh mereka (termasuk aku sekali ) dan telah meninggalkan PKR ini telah menggunakan nama ‘Free Anwar Campaign’ ini untuk mengumpul kekayaan.

Ini telah didedahkan oleh Raja Petra sendiri..

Raja Petra Kamaruddin had wrote..

“Anuar Shaari, a former Finance Ministry officer who worked for Anwar between 1996 and 1998, arrived at the Melaka Tengah district police station at about 10am on Thursday and spend about 30 minutes with Melaka Tengah OCPD ACP Salehhudin Abd Rahman to pass on the information,” said The Star newspaper report.

Actually, this is only part of the story. What The Star failed to report is that Anuar Shaari continued working for Anwar right up to 2004 or so, maybe longer. He was one of the principal ‘operators’ from the day Parti Keadilan Nasional was launched on 14 April 1999 right till the launch of the Free Anwar Campaign in August 2000 and beyond.

In 2003 or thereabouts, Anuar Shaari, Ezam Mohd Nor, and two other people who have all since left the opposition, made a trip to the United States. I did not know about it until I received a phone call from a contact in the US. He wanted me to verify who these four people are and whether it is true that they work for the Free Anwar Campaign.

I was caught off guard and did not know how to respond. I lied and said I was in a meeting and whether I could call him back later. I then got in touch with someone who would know what was going on and asked him what was happening.

The person I contacted was surprised that I had found out.

I was of course quite perturbed. The Free Anwar Campaign was just me. I was running the Free Anwar Campaign alone. There were no other people involved in the Free Anwar Campaign. How come there are now four people in the US who are supposedly there on the Free Anwar Campaign business?

The person I spoke to told me why they were there. He then asked me to call back the US and confirm with the person who had called me that the four are legitimate. I did as I was told -- but not before I gave that person a piece of my mind and told him I did not like what was going on. Nevertheless, for the sake of the cause I will obey the order.

I then called back the US and told my contact that the four people who were there are legitimate. I also gave him the names of the four people and my US contact confirmed that I was right.

It is important that I confirm that these four are authorised to act on behalf of the Free Anwar Campaign, my US contact informed me. Then he asked me another question. “Is it true that the opposition is very short of money and that if they had a few million Ringgit then the opposition has a better chance of winning the next general election?”

“That is true,” I replied.

“Okay,” my US contact told me. “Then we will help arrange something for them. Ten or twenty million Ringgit is no problem for us. We can handle that.”

That was just before the March 2004 general election. But the tens of millions in election funds were not sent to Malaysia. Instead, it was channelled to Hong Kong. And the March 2004 general election came before the money could be diverted from Hong Kong to Malaysia. And we never heard of the money again. Soon after that Ezam and his gang, which included Anuar Shaari, left the opposition and joined Umno. Some left just before the 2004 general election.

I found out later from a very senior party leader that the money came from George Soros (see more here: The four in fact personally met Soros in his office. And I was even told who had arranged for the meeting and the subsequent funding.

On 2 September 2004, I met Pawanchik Merican, one of Anwar’s lawyers, in the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya. “Do you know that Ezam and Anuar Shaari have been collecting money in the name of the Free Anwar Campaign?” Pawanchik asked me.

“Yes, I know,” I replied.

“Did they give you anything?” Pawanchik asked me.

“No, not a sen,” I replied.

“I thought so,” said Pawanchik. “I was told they are using your name to collect millions and that they did not give you anything. Why don’t you close down the Free Anwar Campaign? If not these people will use it to collect money.”

My wife who was there agreed with Pawanchik. “That’s what I keep telling him but he is so stubborn,” added my wife.

“I will never abandon Anwar halfway,” I told Pawanchik. “Once Anwar is free then I will close down the Free Anwar Campaign.”

“What if he is not freed? What if he spends 15 years in jail? Do you want to continue running the Free Anwar Campaign for another nine years without being paid any salary and allow them to use it to raise money?”

“I suppose so,” I responded. “But Anwar will be freed today. So today I can close down the Free Anwar Campaign.”

“None of the lawyers think so,” said Pawanchik. I just shrugged my shoulders. Two hours later Anwar was freed by the Federal Court and I went home to make my last posting, ‘Alhamdulillah, Anwar is now free’, and closed down the Free Anwar Campaign.

Yes, that is the story of Ezam Mohd Nor and Anuar Shaari. Of course, I know the identity of the other two who also made that trip to the US, plus the ‘fifth man’, the man I phoned. I also know the name of the senior party leader who told me that the tens of millions came from Soros. And, invariably, I also know the name of my US contact who set the whole thing up. But as long as they keep their peace with me then I shall keep their secret safe. However, the minute they cross me, then their names will be revealed.

Official website of the International Free Anwar Campaign here



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