Saturday, January 2, 2010

Projek RM160 Juta dari FELDA untuk KRONI!

Projek berharga RM160 Juta dianugerahkan melalui "direct nego" kepada Kroni mereka...

PUTRAJAYA : A non-governmental organisation has lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against Felda Holdings Berhad, a government-linked company (GLC), for alleged misuse of power.

The 1Malaysia Graduate Youth Club chairman Tan Kian Soon submitted a 50-page memorandum to the MACC containing the allegation and naming four individuals from the GLC connected to the scandal. The memorandum was received by MACC senior officer Azlin Mohd Ali.

According to club secretary-general Ezaruddin Abd Rahman, Felda Holdings, through its subsidiary, has allegedly awarded a RM160 million contract by direct negotiation method to a company chaired by an individual who is also a board member of the subsidiary.

He said the individual is also one of the inventors of the processing machines supplied to the subsidiary under the contract.

“Not only did the award of jobs to the subsidiary of a public-listed company not follow the parent company's tender procedures, the machines supplied by the contractor were also giving operational problems to the mills involved," he said.

Felda Holdings Berhad, one of Malaysia's largest agro-based enterprises which run the commercial business related to the Federal Land and Development Authority (FELDA).

Its largest shareholder is the Felda Investment Co-operative which holds 51% ownership of equity, with Felda holding the remaining 49% equity. The Minister of Finance Incorporated has one Golden Share.

Ezaruddin said the government must view the matter seriously and investigate the matter thoroughly as it involved officers of a GLC allegedly providing misleading information for their own benefits.

“By making this report we hope to address the people’s problems. We received lots of complaints on this and it is also widely discussed in the blogs. Certain individuals in the GLC have brought losses to the company,” he said, adding that a copy of the memorandum was also submitted to the Prime Minister's Office.

Ezaruddin said the club was established on Nov 10 and has 8,000 members to date, comprising professionals like lawyers and company directors.

Attempts by theSun to contact Felda Holdings were unsuccessful as its public relations officer was not in the office.




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