Sunday, January 10, 2010

IGP : Sorry we are running out of manpower, so please hire security guard

KUALA LUMPUR – Churches that need to beef up their security have to hire guards as there are not enough policemen to guard them all.

"Not only do we have to watch churches, but we also have to cover mosques and monitor other places of worship," Inspector-General Musa Hassan told reporters during his visit to the Metro Tabernacle Church at Desa Melawati here Saturday.

"In Petaling Jaya alone, there are 62 churches and a total of 200 in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur,” he said.

arson-church-1The Metro Tabernacle Church at Desa Melawati in Wangsa Maju was one of three churches targeted by arsonists at about 12.30am on Friday.

The ground floor of the three-storey lot that housed the church was damaged. There was no casualty.

Two similar cases a few hours later – involving the Assumption Church in Jalan Templer and the Life Chapel Church in Section 17, both in Petaling Jaya — were unsuccessful.

A fourth case being probed

The police are also investigating an attempted arson case at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, which took place about the same time as the other three churches.

No damage was reported.

Selangor CPO Khalid Abu Bakar confirmed the incident on Saturday and said they were interviewing the church authorities and witnesses.

Musa said the police were still investigating the cases, including the reported attempt on the fourth church.

"We have yet to determine the nationality of those responsible for the attacks," he said, adding that witnesses were still assisting in investigations.

He said since he revealed his handphone number (019 2823701) to the public on Friday, he had received a total of 900 calls and 800 SMSes.

"I received a lot of information on various crimes. There were some people from churches who have asked us to step up the level of security at their premises," Musa said.

Thanks as well as no thanks

The IGP added that while some people have also called him to thank the police for their efforts, there were many who also made crank calls to him by calling him but not speaking.

Musa said the arson attacks were not well-planned and were probab;y the work of ‘emotional persons.’

He said the modus operandi in the attacks were different, which could point to different attackers.

He urged all churches to report any threats, acts of vandalism and suspicious characters to the police immediately.

Side issues

Meanwhile, a priest at the Agape Revival Church in Pandan Indah, Ampang, reported that he was manhandled by four men who entered the church at 6.30pm Friday.

The intruders proceeded to damage the microphone and tore down posters before they left.

In Kuala Selangor, an unidentified man walked into the Chapel Of Our Lady Of Good Health, near Asam Jawa at 6pm and advised the caretaker to be wary before handing him a copy of the Quran.

“I take the man’s action in good faith and as a sign of friendship,” parish priest Rev Father P Alan said.

The police have recorded a statement from the caretaker.

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