Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mahadet bukan RACIST dia cuma SELFISH !

Mahadet ni bukanlah RACIST sebenarnya dia cuma SELFISH!! atau pentingkan diri sendiri dalam bahasa Malaysia.

Siapa kata Mahathir ni Racist? Cuba tengok Company anak dia Mukhriz tu, Opcom. Siapa CFO? Siapa operations senior managers?

Well as I said I agreed 95% with what DS Nazri said yesterday, but the one thing I disagree is that Dr. Mahathir is racist.

Dr. Mahathir is not racist - he's just plain selfish.

Right now Dr. Mahathir is asking DS Nazri to resign from UMNO. That is really a joke because Dr. Mahathir himself had single handedly managed to get the original UMNO disbanded, and then treat UMNO as a revolving door, becoming a member and quitting as a member if and when he likes.

UMNO is not racist for belonging only to Malays. There is nothing wrong there. What DS Nazri was mentioning as being "racist" was the BTN programme. Maybe Dr. Mahathir is confused - one is talking about a political party, and the other a training programme which is mandatory for all Government civil servants.

No wonder, DS Nazri termed it as a "most stupid" remark. The way DS Nazri is going, he is now the front runner for the Rembau Times Man of The Year

I have had some friends of mine attend BTN. These guys are usually pretty cool, but their feathers were certainly ruffled post BTN. Couple of years later - guess what, they have left the country, and are working Down South. By the way, some of these guys went on to become leading Oncologists, and top managers at MNCs. BTN did not cause them to leave, but it certainly did not cause them to stay one bit.

Anyhow, thats certainly irrelevant. BTN is designed to enforce Mahathirism.

To understand the product of Mahathirism look no further than Parpukari. Fat, ugly, repugnant and crude. That is exactly the product Dr. Mahathir wants to create because if he mass produces that product, Malays will be actually very weak and forever dependant on him and his unilateral ways.

That's why I disagree that Dr. Mahathir is racist. If Dr. Mahahtir was indeed a racist, he should have stressed on building a competitive education system, making sure the best teachers were around to teach Malay children and certainly provide sucesssion planning.

In all these he purposely made sure that the infrastructure behind the growth and protection of Malay culture which was UMNO was compromised such that people under him never gave a damn about the Malays but instead only cared about two things

1. Whether they were in Dr. Mahathir's good books
2. Their own pockets

For further proof that Dr. Mahathir is not a racist, look no further to his son, Mukrhiz's company - Opcom. Who is the CFO? Who are the senior managers on the operations?

Are they Malays?
Ans: You must be joking

All Dr. Mahathir was interested was to experiment on the Malay race with his brand of doctrine. For he alone thinks that he is the greatest. There is no Malay before or after him that can surpass his smartness. So the whole sovereign country of Malaysia, its budget, its law enforcement system, its legal system,its education, its finances, even its BTN programme was designed to give maximum exposure to Dr. Mahathir doctrine as encompassed in the Malay Dilemma.

No wonder the whole world looked at Dr. Mahathir. He controls a whole country!

But remember, the Malay Dilemma doctrine is designed to perpetuate the Malay Dilemma. For if the Malay Dilemma was solved, then really Dr. Mahathir will become irrelevant.

That's why Dr. Mahathir purposely designed the BTN course to keep suppress thinking and discussion by the Malays. He wanted the Malays to learn only how to survive under him, so that he could have political longevity.

Thats why I say he's not racist, but selfish. Some also call it being evil.




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