Monday, December 21, 2009

BEWARE!! Parti Cinta Malaysia was set up by UMNO/BN?

I received an email from a friend on a new party set up to confuse the rakyat. Below are the contents:

If we Cinta Malaysia, then beware of the trap!

About a month back on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I had gone to Penang Club to join some friends. Whilst there I ran into an old friend from KL whom I’ve not seen for a few years.

He had heard from another common friend that I own a socio-political blog and he wanted me to blog about what he told me next.

He had told me then that very soon there will emerge a political party not aligned to Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat. Supposedly formed by ordinary Malaysians from the middle ground to appeal to those not wanting to vote BN but not yet convinced of PR.

He told me that since I claim to be from the middle ground, I must warn as many like-minded people as possible that this is a trap. According to him, the reality is Parti Cinta Malaysia is formed and financed with UMNO/BN backing.

The reasoning is simple. The ruling elites of UMNO/BN knows that many Malaysians voted for PKR, DAP, PAS at the last GE because of their refusal to vote for UMNO/BN. They only voted for the present day PR parties not because they believed they could do a better job but rather because of dissent against UMNO/BN excesses of bad governance.

If a neutral political party emerged that championed the cause of middle ground Malaysians, surely that would solve the problems of many who are yet unconvinced of PR’s abilities to remain united and govern and at the same time adamant not to vote UMNO/BN.

If Parti Cinta Malaysia can even attract 25% of PR voters to choose them on the ballot at the next GE, that will mean 25% less for PR which will allow UMNO/BN to regain all the states they lost and maybe even their 2/3 majority in parliament. In simple terms, another example of “divide and rule”!

When I went home that day and when it came time for me to blog something, I thought long and hard about what my friend had told me. In the end, I chose not to blog about it as it was only from one source and I couldn’t verify it’s truth.

That night I blogged about some other topic but I did mention it in a comment I made in another blog I follow daily. For the life of me, I can’t remember where and when I made that comment.

If any of my readers remembers where I made that comment, please refresh my memory so that I can offer proof that what my friend told me a month ago has substance to it and we must be vigilant not to fall into another UMNO/BN trap.

Beware of Parti Cinta Malaysia. They may be the real deal but for now I will tread cautiously. The part that got me even more suspicious is Penang ’s Registrar of Societies confirming that the application to register this party was made 3 months ago before the Ong-Chua MCA feud broke!




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