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Najib! Orang Sabah suruh minta maaf ni...

Jika Najib telah memohon maaf atas apa yang telah dilakukan oleh Barisan Nasional semasa mereka berkuasa di Kedah dan Selangor yang menyebabkan mereka telah ditolak oleh rakyat negeri tersebut semasa PRU12 yang lalu, Najib juga sewajarnya memohon maaf dari rakyat Sabah.

Ini kerana menurut Presiden Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), Yong Teck Lee Barisan Nasional yang menguasai Sabah hingga kehari ini telah menjadikan negeri tersebut yang termiskin biarpun Sabah kaya dengan sumber asli termasuk gas dan minyak.

“Najib sepatutnya meminta maaf dari rakyat Sabah kerana telah menjadikan Sabah salah satu dari negeri yang paling miskin di Malaysia.. kami punya jalan yang teruk, prasarana kesihatan yang kurang baik, dibanjiri dengan pendatang tanpa izin dan tiada subsidi untuk pengangkutan” kata Yong Teck Lee.


Yong to Najib: Apologise to Sabahans, too

KOTA KINABALU: Now that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has apologised for Barisan Nasional’s failures, he must also do likewise to Sabahans and correct the many wrongs committed by the coalition in the state for the past 49 years.

Making this call, Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Yong Teck Lee said Najib must also apologise because the BN government had turned Sabah into a poor state despite it being endowed with abundance of natural resources, including oil and gas.

“Najib ought to apologise to the people of Sabah because we are one of the poorest states in Malaysia… we have bad roads, bad health facilities, are flooded with illegal immigrants and have no transport subsidies,” he said.

Yong, a former chief minister, was speaking during a briefing for party leaders and members on the impending general election at the Sunday Gaya Street Fair, here.

He was also responding to Najib’s apologies to the people on behalf of the BN for its many mistakes that led voters to reject it at the last general election.

He said the federal government’s transport subsidies to Kelantan and Malacca totalling more than RM30 million have raised eyebrows in Sabah

Eroding support

The federal government has also abolished the tolls on two highways in Selangor valued at some RM83 million and has given subsidies to four highway concessionaires in the Peninsula totalling some RM287 million.

Yong said this was unfair as Sabah’s infrastructure, especially the roads, was horrendous.

In a bid to halt steadily eroding support for the ruling coalition, Najib promised that the BN government would make up by serving the people in the best way possible.

He also acknowledged that voters’ rejection of the BN was due to mistakes made by the coalition.

Yong said that while Najib was apologising for the misdeeds of the BN, he should also extend the same apology to the people of Sabah for failing to set up Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to investigate the large number of illegal immigrants in the state.

Meanwhile, he said his party was still talking to fellow opposition parties such as the STAR and Pakatan Rakyat to prepare for the general election though no concrete agreements have been reached.

He also reiterated that SAPP had agreed that the party would support Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim for prime minister if the BN is defeated.

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