Friday, February 17, 2012

Kerana anugerah PhD buat Rosmah, Wall Facebook Curtin Universiti dibanjiri sumpah seranah..

Wall Facebook Curtin University menjadi tempat rakyat Malaysia meluahkan rasa kurang senang mereka terhadap penganugerahan PhD oleh pentadbiran University tersebut buat Rosmah..

Ramai yang bertanya berapakah yang perlu dibayar untuk mendapatkan ijazah Doktor Kehormat Persuratan seperti yang dianugerahkan kepada Rosmah tersebut.

Tidak ketinggalan Naib Kanselor Universti Curtin, Jeanette Hacket yang mempertahankan tindakan pihak mereka menganugerahkan PhD turut menjadi mangsa, beliau dituduh menerima bungkusan yang berisi bag tangan jenama Hermes.

Jeanette Hacket sebelum ini dalam satu kenyataan telah menegaskan Rosmah Mansor dianugerahkan PhD tersebut sebagai penghargaan buat beliau yang telah menjadi pengasas dan juga tulang belakang kepada Pusat Anak Permata Negara (Permata) yang membolehkan kanak-kanak berumur lima tahun kebawah menikmati pembelajaran awal yang berkualiti…… Sekarang telah wujud lebih dari 600 Pusat Permata Negara yang dihadiri oleh ribuan kanak-kanak…

Malah ada yang meninggalkan ugutan “Curtin U, if you do not retract the PHD, please get the fuck out of Malaysia. We don't want you. Your presence only results in more of our taxes being siphoned away indirectly. If you don't get out, we'll assume you're only here to join the corrupt in extracting our taxes and retirement funds, colluding with the corrupt politicians. Get out of this country, we don't want your kind here.”

Ada juga yang bertanya adakah pihak Curtin University di Sarawak mengalami masaalah untuk memperbaharui permit kampus mereka disana hingga terpaksa menganugerahkan PhD buat Rosmah?

Dan ada yang menulis “Rosmah's thesis would be : Hermes birkin that i owned so far and those yet to be part of my collection”

Yang meminta pendapat… Seeking opinions of fellow intelligent people (no not you Mrs Corruptor), if a person murder someone with government military only access explosive materials, while ripping others money to do so call charity with a small portion of the money for so called the good of people (no i'm not gonna mention it's children), does he/she still deserved any award/title from a so called quality educational institution? Please share your view.

Paling menarik bagi aku komen ni.. Curtin's decision to award doctorate to Rosmah is of nobody's business, but is an utter insult to the intelligence of Malaysians. She's scandals ridden and is connected to a still unresolved murder that involved the usage of Defence's C4 bomb under her husband's then ministry. She can afford shopping worth hundreds of thousands per trip, not forgetting to mention the controversial US$24 million diamond ring and the Hermes bag that are beyond the affordability of a PM's spouse. Her Permata centers touted to number at 600 but invisible to the public's eye, is said to have the main objective of converting natives young children in East Malaysia from Christianity to Islam. When asked for her comment on Japan's tsunami, she inanely put it down on rapid growth and green technology as the main cause. She's indeed the FLOM - Fat Lady of Malaysia.

Komen macam ni pun ada.. Shall we give doctorates to Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong il too? Maybe Bashar al-Assad too.

Kalau aku nak tulis semua sekali.. mahu sampai pagi ni.. apa kata korang lihat di link yang aku letak di bawah ni..



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