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Scandal Fidlot : Adakah Lembu akan tinggal di Kondominium ini? (Gambar)

Pada 2 Disember 2009, Pusat Fidlot (Feed The Lord) Kebangsaan (NFC) telah membuat 4 pindahan wang dari akaun semasanya di Bank CIMB cawangan Taman Tun Dr Ismail kepada Bandar Raya Developments Berhad sebagai bayaran penuh pembelian sebuah kondominium mewah di One Menerung, Bangsar.

Butiran 4 pindahan wang tersebut adalah seperti berikut:


1~2 Disember 2009 jumlah RM699,870.00
2~2 Disember 2009 jumlah RM694,150.00
3~2 Disember 2009 jumlah RM4,199,220.00
4~2 Disember 2009 jumlah RM4,164,900.00
Jumlah RM9,758,140.00

Harga-harga kondominium One Menerung di Bangsar bermula pada RM3 juta dan boleh mencecah RM10.3 juta, bergantung kepada saiz unit yang dibeli.

Bayaran untuk pembelian kondominium sebanyak RM9.8 juta ini direkodkan sebagai “hutang” National Meat and Livestocks Corporation Sdn Bhd (NMLC) kepada NFC. Jumlah ini adalah sebahagian daripada RM83 juta yang dihutangi oleh NMLC kepada NFC pada 31 Disember 2009 - sila baca di (SINI)

One Menerung, Bangsar

One Menerung is a new luxury condominium in Bangsar. The first thought that comes to Bangsar was its fully developed area with almost no space areas to spare for another high rise or two. But despite of the fill-ups, Bandar Raya Development (BRDB) have managed to get an 8-acre land to build one of the most luxurious and impressive condominiums in the area.

One Menerung is surrounded by 70s and 80s landed residential, including bungalows and huge double storey links, and its almost S-shaped building fits beautifully among them. This prominent building has gained favors from most investors and buyers with tons of great reviews to go along with it. There is already a sum on how to describe One Menerung – great location, beautiful scenery, awesome architecture and interior designing.

Facilities wise, there are swimming pools, sauna, sun deck, function room, gym, dance studio, tennis courts, squash courts, barbecue area, children’s play area and other amenities, all mostly on the ground floor. Block D, E and F with the pool and clubhouse in the foreground. Fully and exclusively finished with hardly any flaws, the units as said earlier are super large with prices that tallies well with what the buyer get.

Each units are entitled with 3 parking spaces and larger units are given a few more parking bays to suit their size. It was said that One Menerung has some cross marketing deal with Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), the currently expanded iconic landmark of Bangsar. That is good to hear, with combination like that, it will boost up the visibility of One Menerung at the same time, the patrons of BSC are mostly the target markets One Menerung are looking for – foreigners.

Property Details

•Name: One Menerung
•Address: Jalan Menerung, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur (behind Bangsar Shopping Complex)
•Developer: BRDB
•Completion Date: End 2009
•Type: Condominium
•Tenure: Freehold
•No. of Blocks: 6
•No. of Units: 229
•Built-up: 3,013 – 10,291 sf
•Maintenance Fee: RM0.35 – RM0.45 psf
•Launch Price: RM650 psf
•Subsale Price: 1,000 psf

Persoalannya disini ialah kenapakah Kondomonium yang mewah dan berkeluasan 3,013 – 10,291 kaki persegi ini dibeli menggunakan dana yang diperuntukkan untuk Pusat Fidlot (Feed The Lord) Kebangsaan?

Adakah Kondominium yang berkeluasan 3,013 – 10,291 kaki persegi ini dibeli sebagai tempat tinggal lembu oleh Pusat Fidlot (Feed The Lord) Kebangsaan?

Adakah masih tidak cukup lagi tanah seluas 5,000 ekar yang diperuntukkan untuk projek ini?

Gambar-gambar datangnya dari Rafizi Ramli



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