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Betulkah penyokong Pakatan Rakyat dengki kat Rosmah??

Tidak seperti Perdana Menteri yang sebelumnya iaitu Tun Mahathir, Najib dikatakan mempunyai masaalah yang unik, masaalahnya ialah pada kebanyakkan masa penampilan isterinya kelihatan lebih menonjol dari Najib sendiri.

Menonjolnya bukan memberikan perspepsi yang positif tapi negative bermula dari cincin yang bernilai jutaan ringgit dijarinya hinggalah ke jenayah yang serious.

Ada pihak yang mengatakan Rosmah adalah liability buat Najib dan Barisan Nasional kerana beliau adalah sasaran kritikan pihak penyokong Pakatan Rakyat.

Bagaimanapun ada juga pihak yang mengatakan Rosmah dikritik oleh penyokong Pakatan Rakyat kerana beliau aktif memberikan sumbangan untuk masyarakat dan ada juga yang mengatakan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat dengki kerana keaktifannya itu..

Dengki?? Dengki kepala bapak dia.. korang bacalah artikel kat bawah ni dan lihat penjilat mana yang mengatakan penyokong Pakatan Rakyat dengki kat Rosmah..

Jealous of ‘national asset’ Rosmah

PETALING JAYA: Unlike his predecessors, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has a unique problem. Most of the time, his wife appears to be more popular than him.

But Rosmah Mansor is more infamous than famous, with the accusations ranging from having Najib wrapped around her finger, splurging millions on her lavish lifestyle, to more serious crimes.

According to observers, she, unlike her predecessors, has become a political liability to the prime minister and Barisan Nasional.

So FMT posed the question why Rosmah has become everyone’s favourite target.

For the Coalition of Malay Students in Peninsular Malaysia (GPMS), the answer is simple. Her critics are envious.

Its secretary-general Zambri Mohd Isa said the opposition and its supporters cannot stand the fact that Rosmah is pro-active in her approach, leading them to hurl baseless allegations against her.

“If she sits quietly, no one will say anything. However, Rosmah wants to contribute to society. Is it wrong for her to do that?” he asked.

As for the diamond ring scandal, he said it is shameful that the opposition accused Rosmah of purchasing the ring when it was later “proven” that the item was brought here for an exhibition.

What has Wan Azizah done?

Zambri also drew a comparison between Rosmah and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, claiming that the latter has done nothing for Malaysians.

“While Rosmah is busy promoting Malaysia to the international community, Wan Azizah only does what she knows best, defending (her husband) Anwar (Ibrahim),” he said.

On the accusation that Rosmah went on frequent trips abroad, Zambri said being the wife of a prime minister, she has no choice but to accompany Najib on his working trips.

“And people say she is taking the spotlight from Najib. Tell me, if she just keeps to herself, would not the foreign dignitaries think she is being pompous?” he asked.

He then praised Rosmah, saying she has contributed a lot to the Malaysian badminton squad and children, through her Permata programme.

“If anyone accuses Rosmah of defending her cronies, I would agree. Her cronies are the children in the Permata programme,” he added.

‘Hilarious slander’

Echoing Zambri’s sentiments, Selangor Coalition of NGOs against Corruption (GAPS) chairman Hamidzun Khairuddin described Rosmah as an asset to the country.

Her ideas, he said, can help in the nation’s administration. “And just because she is brainy, the opposition picks on her,” he added.

Hamidzun pointed out that the wives of previous prime ministers also contributed to society but there was a lack of media coverage then.

“With the presence of the Internet, we can now get a lot of news, good and bad,” he said.

Calling the diamond ring scandal ridiculous, Hamidzun said the matter was just a figment of someone’s imagination.

“It’s a hilarious slander. The price is just too high for her to purchase the ring. Next time someone wants to lie about something, please do it wisely,” he added.

Hamidzun said that Malaysian women now play a vital role in the nation’s development and that included Rosmah.

“Even Bersih 2.0 is led by a woman (Ambiga Sreenevasan). But of course, she has her own agenda,” he added.

Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali blamed the new media for the accusations against Rosmah.

“The whole thing is ridiculous. The mainstream media would never publish such nonsense as there is no proof to the allegations. It is the new media that loves to harp on rumours,” he said.

Describing Rosmah as someone who has the welfare of the people close to her heart, Syed Hassan praised her for working hard for the sake of all Malaysians.

“But it is normal for opposition parties to attack her as it fits their agenda well,” he said.

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