Monday, May 9, 2011

Mak Aih!! Macam ni punya pondok bas pun RM20,000.00?

Menurut ADUN Lukut dari DAP, Ean Yong Ting Sin beberapa orang kontraktor yang di mintanya untuk menganggarkan kos sebenar pembinaan perhentian bas itu adalah hanya disekitar RM5,000.00 sahaja..

Bagaimanapun pihak Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson telah membelanjakan sehingga RM20,000.00 bagi tujuan pembinaan pondok bas itu..

Patutlah pemimpin UMNO boleh membina istana macam yang dah terbakar ni...( baca di SINI)

Probe RM20,000 bus stops

LUKUT: A DAP leader urged the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate the high cost involved in the construction of two bus stops here.

According to Lukut assemblyman Ean Yong Ting Sin, the Port Dickson Municipal Council’s (PDMC) decision to fork out RM20,000 for each bus stop was illogical.

The two bus stops are located opposite the Lukut government clinic.

“When I checked with several senior contractors, I was told that the cost to build a bus stop just like what was built by PDMC is merely RM5,000

“Spending RM40,000 for the two bus stops is really a wastage of public funds. This is a suspiciously high amount,” said Ean Yong.

The DAP politician said he had already sent a letter to the MACC, urging the watchdog to sniff out any wrongdoings in the matter.

During the state assembly sitting last year, Ean Yong said there was an urgent need for bus stops near the clinic for patients who depended on public transportation.

PDMC completed the two bus stops one week ago.

On another matter, Ean Yong urged the Negeri Sembilan Public Works Department (PWD) to build a pedestrian bridge near the Kampung Jimah Baru Primary School.

“The area also needs proper safety signage and lightings. I have raised this matter since last year. I don’t know why PWD is slow in taking the necessary action.

“After all we are talking about the safety of school children,” he said.

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