Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sarawak : Video Undi POS dibeli BN ?

Video diakhir entry..

Menurut Petugas Parti DAP, Mary Josephine Pritam Singh kejadian berlaku sekitar antara jam 12.30 Tengahari ke 1 Tengahari. Beliau dan petugas ‘Polling Agent’ telah ke Wisma Sanyan sebagai pemerhati , kejadian telah dirakam oleh salah seorang petugas yang bersamanya.

Pengundi pos sedang bertukar kertas undi dengan wang tunai di tangga Wisma Sanyan Sibu tengah hari ini. Syabas DAP!!

Apa nak jadi ni??? Mana SPR?? Mana SPRM?? Sudah Buta atau apa? kesalahan telah dirakamkan.. jangan hanya kerana undi mereka dibeli untuk menyokong BN segala kesalahan menjadi halal..

DAP releases postal vote tampering video
SIBU, April 13 — DAP released a video clip purportedly showing four women handing over their postal votes to a man at Wisma Sanyan here yesterday.

The one minute clip shows a be-spectacled man receiving what looked like postal ballot papers from four women who had just picked them up from the Election Commission.

The video, which was released at the DAP’s daily press conference, here, showed the women handing over the ballots to the man in a stairwell at the iconic building, which is the tallest in Sibu.

Postal voting proper only got underway at 9am today.

The five were caught unawares while they were being filmed by a DAP polling agent. They immediately dispersed when they saw the party worker filming them with his camera phone.

The man attempted to block the DAP agent’s view of the women as they ran out of the stairwell.

Mary Josephine Pritam Singh, a DAP election worker, said the incident occurred between 12.30pm to 1pm. She and a team of party polling agents had gone to Wisma Sanyan to monitor the distribution of postal votes by the Election Commission.

The party worker who filmed the episode was part of her team. No money was seen exchanging hands during the meeting.

According to EC regulations, postal votes are picked up a centre and the voter may take them home to fill them up.

Each postal vote is a package that contains two envelopes, a form and the ballot paper itself.

The voter is supposed to mark the ballot, fill out the form, seal the envelopes and return the package to the EC.

The women in the video were purportedly handing over the orange-coloured ballot papers to the man.

It could not be ascertained what the man intended to do with the papers. - The Malaysian Insider



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