Friday, January 21, 2011

Zambry terpikat dengan 'China Doll'?

Cuba baca berita dibawah ni..

Menteri Besar Haram Perak Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir kata “Bukan saja lelaki Cina yang terpikat dengan kemesraan dan kecantikan ‘China Doll’ tetapi lelaki dari kaum lain seperti Melayu dan India juga terpikat untuk bersama”

Tambahnya lagi kejadian ini telah berlaku di kawasannya iaitu Pulau Pangkor..

Lain macam saja bunyinya tu.. geramkah? atau sudah terpikat? kalau terpikat tu tak apalah.. jangan pula sampai meramas buah dada macam yang Ketua Bahagian MCA tu buat sudahlah..(kisahnya baca di SINI)

Even non-Chinese are falling for the charms of China Dolls

IPOH: It’s not only Chinese men who are falling for the charms of the so-called China Dolls, the bane of many wives.

Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said even Indian and Malay men are now also looking for these women for company.

“This is happening in my own constituency,” said Dr Zambry, who is Pangkor state assemblyman, adding that the problem, presumed to have affected only Chinese families, had made its way into the homes of other races.

Dr Zambry was referring to reports of these Chinese nationals entering the country, first as tourists and then working illegally as guest relations officers at nightspots or masseuses in massage parlours.

There had been numerous complaints about husbands spending a lot of time – and money – on these women who reportedly also offer sex services.

“I know it is not only a problem faced by Chinese wives,” Dr Zambry told single mothers at a “Cookies of Love” care project by Perak Wanita MCA here yesterday.

However, he promised the state government would do its best to resolve the problem through its Perak Amanjaya Development Plan, which is the state blueprint to revive Perak’s past glory.

“Development and progress starts from the family, and this is what our Perak Amanjaya transformation plan is based on,” said Dr Zambry, who later distributed angpows, goodies and cookies baked by Wanita MCA members to 120 single mothers and their children.

In her speech, Deputy Women, Family and Community Deve­lopment Minister Heng Seai Kie said according to a census carried out in 2000, Perak had the highest number of single mothers in the country after Selangor.

“I do not know what this means. Perhaps, husbands in Perak are more cheeky,” she joked.

Asked if he felt it was the case, Dr Zambry said it was likely due to Perak having a large population, which is nearly 2.4 million.

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