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The most dangerous man in Malaysia is Najib

Najib’s greed is to stay on in power. His fear is to be charged with the various crimes that he is suspected of having committed.Najib is prepared to risk the future of the monarchy by using the Sultan as a pawn.

The most dangerous man in Malaysia
Written by Mariam Mokhtar

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is running scared. Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad did not mince his words when he accused the federal government of manoeuvring to dissolve the Selangor state legislative assembly by appointing Mohd Khusrin Munawi as the state secretary.

Khalid said, “This is the evil and despicable plan of BN. Najib wants to create chaos in Selangor and force the dissolution of the state legislative assembly.”

Khusrin, the former private secretary to former-Selangor Menteri besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib and outgoing Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) director, has been commanded by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to initiate moves to create dissent.

This deliberate attempt by Putrajaya to cause turmoil in Selangor is reminiscent of the debacle that Najib engineered in Perak last year. The ousted Perak Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin who suffered at the hands of Najib has already warned Selangor of the fate that will befall them if they do not take precautions.

If Najib was surprised at the way the rakyat reacted to his machinations, none was more surprised than the Sultan of Perak. His Royal Highness was taken aback at how Najib managed to galvanise the rakyat. In the end, evil may have triumphed but as they say, elephants never forget…..and others might even add, they never forgive either.

Najib is desperate. And a desperate man will resort to desperate measures.

He has to call an election before long. But his knows that his 1Malaysia is falling apart. Even his one-time mentor former Prime minister Mahathir Mohamad is confused by 1Malaysia. His deputy has rejected it outright. His Cabinet is seen as corrupt, inept and not practising his 1Malaysia views.

Worst of all, his non-Malay BN component parties such as MCA and MIC, are toothless and do not attract popular support. Whenever there is a racial or religious infringement, the best they can do is wring their hands in mock horror. They are what can be termed as “wasted space”.

In the first year of being in office Najib spent most of his time overseas and neglected to attend to matters of state. His reputation abroad needs to be propped up by centre-fold advertisements costing USD5million highlighting his wife’s achievements. His wife invites Hollywood celebrities, who visit under the cloak of secrecy, to be shown “the real Malaysia”. We ask, which version of the “real” Malaysia?

Najib knows that under normal circumstance Pakatan will triumph in the general elections. That is why he has to do his preparatory work first.

This man is dangerous. He was not elected as Prime Minister and has no known credentials of being a leader. Being a career politician by piggy-backing on the name of his father is no real test of leadership. What true experience has he of the real world?

No leader blatantly offers the people of a town RM5 million in exchange for votes. No leader tries to influence voting by offering to repair schools. Broken-down schools should be repaired as a matter of course.

Najib’s cabinet is in disarray and tainted with known charges of corruption, sexual scandals including rape, and mismanagement of the public purse.

Najib knows he has a lot to lose. He is also aware that if he goes down, he drags others down too - People who rose up the ranks not through merit, strength of character and their policies. These people are dependent on him to stay in power, to protect them.

Just like Najib, these sycophants fear for their positions, ill-gotten wealth and reputation. They know that with the Opposition in power, they will be stripped of all these and may face ruin in prison.

These people used bribery and blackmail to serve themselves, robbed us of our democratic rights, and in some cases eliminated others so that they could achieve what they have always craved for – power.

Najib believes he can take Selangor by his underhand tactics. Just like he what did in Perak. So how deep are his pockets? What sort of leader pits its own people against each other? Is he so morally banrkrupt?

Perak’s experience was not a fight of non-Malays versus Malays, like what his father engineered just over four decades ago.

This time, Selangor’s power tussle involves a people who have are oppressed and who are fighting for the simple desire to enjoy their democratic right. These people dare pit their wills against those who gladly accept further ruin by Najib.

Najib has conveniently forgotten his “People First, Performance Now” slogan. He is on shaky ground and he does what he knows best - sowing the seeds of confusion and discontent. He is no true patriot. He is a deceiver and suffers amongst other things from crab-mentality.

The Opposition win of 2008 was a humiliating blow for Umno. Najib cannot afford another defeat.

He is aware of the people’s support for Pakatan. So he pulls out his remaining trick, which involves royalty.

This is Najib’s most dastardly act, to involve the Sultan. He has everything to lose so he does not care if he compromises the neutrality of the Sultan.

Najib is prepared to use the Sultan against his people. Just like what he did with the Perak Sultan whose popularity plummeted after the fiasco in Perak.

How does one know? You can gauge it from the lack of warmth that the people normally have reserved for the Sultan of Perak.

These days there is neither spontaneity nor depth of feeling and sincerity when Perakians meet their Sultan. The Perak Sultan’s drop in popularity is directly attributed to Najib.

Najib’s greed is to stay on in power. His fear is to be charged with the various crimes that he is suspected of having committed.

Najib is prepared to risk the future of the monarchy by using the Sultan as a pawn.

That is why the most dangerous man in Malaysia is Najib Abdul Razak.

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