Monday, January 3, 2011

GERAKAN kecewa Hannah Yeoh Mengandung?

Apalah punya bodoh Ketua Pemuda GERAKAN ni. orang mengandungpun nak dipertikaikannya. Yang mengandungkan anak halal dijadikan isu tapi kisah bekas MB dari UMNO yang didakwa membuntingkan anak dara orang diluar nikah(baca di SINI) dia buat tak nampak pulak..

Gerakan state leader's 'prego-phobia' draws flak

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 3: Spicing-up his 'congratulatory' message to Subang Jaya's DAP state representative Hannah Yeoh who is expecting her first child this year, a Gerakan youth chief said she would not be able to execute her duties while on maternity leave.

“I imply you may not be able to service [the] area during maternity leave, which you are entitled. Anyway, congrat welcoming your baby,” said Kedah's state Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang on Twitter.

Tan had earlier asked on the microblogging site whether one would choose MCA's Beliawanis leader Jessica Lai or Hannah Yeoh.

The question were then met with another question from Hannah asking for clarification.

Tan’s reply above however did not go down well with his Twitter followers, who said his comments were in bad taste.

Hannah Yeoh's pregnancy did not go down quite well with Gerakan Youth?

“Dear Mr Tan, I think you have crossed the line. We are only human and only do the best possible,” said one Benny Paul in defence of Hannah.

“Perhaps all elected rep can't be pregnant during 5-year term!” exclaimed another, Hoong Ling.

An embattled Tan was later forced to issue a denial.

"I never say elected rep cannot be pregnant or take maternity leave. I only state facts for rakyat to consider. Is it wrong to state someone would be going on maternity leave soon? It's your perception of my statement that's confusing," he wrote.

Hannah responded by saying that she could work much harder than some Barisan Nasional members of parliament even during her maternity leave.

“I hope men like you will not become ministers someday,” she added.



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