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Budget 2011 : Shahrizat paling Gembira?

Menteri Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga Dan Masyarakat Shahrizat Abdul Jalil menyifatkan Budget yang dibentangkan oleh Najib kelmarin sebagai satu budget yang bersifat paling ‘mesra keluarga dan wanita’yang pernah di kemukakan oleh kerajaan.

Beliau juga berkata “ Saya adalah Menteri yang paling gembira disini hari ini, Inilah budget yang palin mesra wanita dan keluarga yang pernah dibentangkan oleh kerajaan selama 9 tahun saya berada dalam cabinet”.

Hmmmm… betoi ka tu.. gembira pasai Najib mengumumkan kakitangan awam wanita bercuti bersalin selama 90 hari.. gembira atau kecewa ni?

Rasanya Rosmah lebih gembira.. pasal bukan Menteri tapi hanya Isteri Perdana Menteri mendapat peruntukan RM111 Juta.. Kementerian Shahrizat dapat peruntukan berapa juta??

Shahrizat says Budget 2011 most women and family-friendly
By Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15 – Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil sang high praise for Budget 2011 today, saying it was the most “women and family-friendly” budget ever tabled by the government.

“I am the most happiest minister here today. In my nine years in Cabinet, this was the most women and family-friendly budget ever announced,” she told reporters when met at the Parliament lobby after the budget was tabled this evening.

She pointed to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s announcement that the government would allow flexibility for female civil servants to self-determine fully-paid maternity leave of up to 90 days, a one-month increase from the present 60-days leave allowed.

Najib also said that the facility was subject to a total of 300 days of maternity leave throughout the civil servant’s entire tenure of service.

The budget also offered more opportunities for qualified female civil servants to hold key executive posts in the government, pointing out that as at end-2009, a total of 30.5 per cent of key posts in the public sector were held by women.

“I urge the private sector to provide opportunities for more women to hold posts at decision-making levels, particularly as board of directors and chief executive officiers,” said Najib in his budget speech.

Shahrizat said that this showed the government had acknowledged that women made up a substantive part of the workforce and were willing to create a more women and family-friendly environment to encourage more women to come out to work.

“For the time-being, I think this is sufficient. This is what we have been fighting for. They have recognised women and are ready to tap into their potential,” she said.

Tourism Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen described the budget as holistic and also joined her Barisan Nasional colleague in commending the government’s move to provide better opportunities for women in the civil service.

“I am very glad that there are many benefits provided for women such as the extended maternity leave,” she said.

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