Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hah? RM90,000 digunakan untuk meruntuhkan Arca Senget tu?

Tapi sebelum itu cuba korang baca apa kata Pengarah Jabatan Parit dan Taliair Pulau Pinang sebelum arca itu dirobohkan.

Botanic Garden arch not tilting, says DID director
By: By Bernard Cheah

GEORGE TOWN (May 13, 2010): A controversial arch recently constructed at the Botanic Gardens here may not be tilting and its slanted appearance is merely an optical "illusion", the Penang Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) said today.

Its director, Anuar Yahya, said the arch, constructed as part of the Tourism Ministry’s RM7 million upgrading project for the gardens, did not have proper plaster works done on it, giving the illusion that it is slightly tilted.

"We are monitoring the arch. If it is really tilting, repair works will be carried out immediately," he said when contacted by theSun.

Anuar said he is also waiting for a technical report from the DID’s engineer on this matter.- Sun2Surf

Dia kata tak senget.. cuma nampak senget pasal kerja-kerja plaster tidak dibuat dengan sempurna..

Tak senget Pala Hotak dia!

Lim urges SDO to explain arch demolition cost
By Yoges Palaniappan

GEORGE TOWN, July 28 — Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng today urged state development officer (SDO) Nik Ali Mat Yunus to answer for the demolition cost of two arches in Botanical Gardens here.

At a press conference here, Lim said he was shocked to read reports claiming that the cost to demolish the two arches was RM90,000.

“The construction cost of the two arches was RM150,000. Now the demolition cost will be another RM90,000. Who will now be responsible for all these expenses?” he asked.

Lim said he hoped Nik Ali would come forward to answer his question.

Lim and Nik Ali have been embroiled in a running spat following the former’s response to Pulau Betong assemblyman Muhamad Farid Saad’s claims that illegal sand excavation was taking place at a plot in Kampung Kenanga, which had been earmarked for a government polytechnic.

The chief minister had responded that it would be difficult for the state to probe the matter as he had not received co-operation from Nik Ali.

This in turn escalated to a verbal war between Nik Ali and Lim, where the federal officer lashed out at the Penang CM during an Umno function for accusing him of being “incompetent.”

The Chief Secretary Tan Sri Sidek Hassan and Barisan Nasional (BN) politicians have sided with Nik Ali side and took Lim to task for publicly castigating the SDO.

The DAP, in turn, has called Nik Ali an “Umno tool” employed by the federal government to oust the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government.

Today, Lim questioned whether “Little Napoleons” would be held accountable or come forward to answer the questions, even with public demands for the wastage to be explained.

“If wastage like this continues to happen, will the officer take responsibility or will all these be swept under the carpet like usual?” he asked.

When questioned about a video clip on a website,, purportedly showing him admonishing Nik Ali for not providing him with a chair during an official function, Lim insisted that he did not bring up the issue when criticising the federal officer last week.

“I only brought up three issues last week when I criticised Nik Ali,” he said, referring to his allegations that Nik Ali had failed to answer for the RM150,000 arches, sand thefts at land allocated for the Balik Pulau polytechnic, and for executing federal government projects without seeking permission from the local councils.

“This issue was brought up by him (Nik Ali), and it was then played up by Utusan Malaysia. Let the court decide,” he said.

Lim on Monday had appointed DAP national chairman Karpal Singh to file a defamation suit against Utusan Malaysia over its article, “Siapakah sebenarnya ‘lidah biawak’?”

The Malaysian Insider



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