Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Okay, can we move on now?

Fuck 8 March 2008. Fuck the Federal Court. Fuck that one battle we just lost. Fuck the next few battles we are going to lose as well. Let’s go for the ‘Big One’. Let’s prepare for the next general election. And let’s prepare well, not shoddily like the last time.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

There was this little duck that enjoyed paddling in the small pond below the hill. In the middle of the pond was a tiny island. One day it rained and rained. It rained for days and the pond soon started filling up and the tiny island got smaller and smaller. But the duck did not mind the rain because it liked water.

As it swam near the island it heard a small voice. “Help me! I will drown if you do not help me!”

The duck became curious and swam closer to the island and saw that it was a scorpion. “Help me get off this island,” said the scorpion. “If you don’t help me I will drown.”

“How can I help you?” the duck asked.

“You can carry me on your back and take me across to the mainland,” said the scorpion.

“But if I do that you will sting me,” replied the duck.

“No, I will not. If you help me why would I sting you? If I sting you, you will die, and I will drown.”

So the duck allowed the scorpion to crawl onto its back and it paddled over to the mainland. But halfway across the pond the scorpion stung the duck at the back of its neck. As the duck was dying it asked the scorpion, “Why did you sting me? I am dying and now you will also die.”

“It is what I do,” replied the scorpion.

And they both died.

I remember a meeting I had with Umno Youth Leader Khairy Jamaluddin some time ago when I mentioned that I know he is a more modern and liberal Malay who had received his education overseas all his life. He is therefore not a ‘kampong’ Malay like most Umno Youth members. Why, therefore, does he scream about the New Economic Policy and Ketuanan Melayu and whatnot? He should be more global oriented. He is, after all, a man of the world.

“It is what I do,” replied Khairy with a chuckle. And I understood perfectly well what he meant although I felt he was sacrificing his principles in the interest of doing the ‘politically correct’ thing. Khairy has no choice but to play to the gallery. He says and does things expected of an Umno Youth Leader although that may not exactly be him. But it comes with the territory. An Umno Youth Leader has to act like an Umno Youth Leader is expected to act. And Malay rights and privileges is the name of the game in Umno.

Yes, Khairy, like most politicians, would do what the scorpion did. They would do what is within their nature rather than look at the bigger picture. A scorpion’s job is to sting. Umno’s job is to retain power by hook or by crook and at whatever cost to the nation, democracy, justice, fair play and whatnot. The ends justify the means. It is not how you play the game but winning that counts.

Today, the Federal Court made its decision 5-0 in favour of Umno and Barisan Nasional. So, it is now confirmed, Pakatan Rakyat has been ousted from Perak. And that was the court of last resort. That was the last card Pakatan Rakyat played and it lost the game.

So what now?

So now we move on. We lost and there is nothing more we can do about it. Most know how to manage victory. Very few know how to manage defeat. And we were defeated today in the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya. So let us just manage our defeat like gentlemen and move on.

What did we lose today? We just lost the battle. But we are yet to lose the war. And the war will come, one day. And it will not be long before it does. At most it will be another three years. It could even be only 12 months or so from now. So let’s gear up for the ‘Big One’.

What did we win on 8 March 2008? We won five states and 82 Parliament seats. We denied Barisan Nasional its two-thirds majority in Parliament. Then we lost back one state and the Federal Court today confirmed that loss. Soon we may lose another state and maybe ten or so Parliamentarians and Barisan Nasional will gain back its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

So that will be another one or two battles we are going to lose. But we are yet to lose the war. So what do we want to do? Do we want to just retain the territory we won on 8 March 2008 or do we want to win more territory when the ‘Big One’ comes?

Okay, if it makes us feel better, let’s blame the three Perak ‘frogs’ for our loss. Let’s blame the Sultan of Perak. Let’s also blame the corrupted and manipulated judicial system. Let’s blame all and sundry if that makes us feel better. But that is not going to help us win back anything. It is not even going to help us win the ‘Big One’ when it comes over the next year or two.

So they cheated. So what? It is what they do. It is in their nature to lie, cheat, manipulate, threaten, bribe and play unfairly. It is their job. The ends justify the means.

We knew that the playing field is not level. We knew they would move the goalposts halfway through the game. That is how they do things. So what’s the big deal? Why bitch, moan and grumble about it? Is it not in the nature of scorpions to sting those who are trying to help it? Why are we so unhappy about that?

Why were they able to screw us in our arse? Simple, because we took off our pants and bent down. It is in their nature to screw the opposition. Why did we make it easy for them? Why did we take off our pants and bend down?

8 March 2008 is history. There is no future in the past. The future is in the future. What is waiting for us in the future? Do we know? Have we prepared ourselves for it? Are we better equipped and well geared to take on the ‘Big One’ when it finally comes?

Pakatan Rakyat did not think it would do that well on 8 March 2008. When I went round the country giving ceramahs and when I said in my ceramahs that Pakatan Rakyat will win five states and more than 80 seats to deny Barisan Nasional its two-thirds majority in Parliament many laughed. They said I must be smoking something very strong.

You can see the videos of these ceramahs on Youtube where I said all this. But of course Pakatan Rakyat did not believe this. And they did not prepare themselves to win five states and more than 80 seats in Parliament. So they fielded half-baked candidates whom even I would not vote for.

I remember as we toured the country and my wife met the candidates who would be contesting and she exclaimed, “Heavens! Is this the best the opposition can do? Where the fuck did the party find these people. Aiyoh! Please lah! Can’t they find better people?”

That was my wife’s horror when she met the opposition candidates.

“Seriously,” she said. “If this is the quality of our candidates then better we don’t win the elections. I just can’t see the opposition being able to run this country with these types of people. Aiyoh! Better let Barisan Nasional win lah! I shudder to think what will happen to this country if the opposition wins.”

Anyway, we both voted in Subang USJ9 and we voted for the opposition candidates. But we were actually quite relieved when Barisan Nasional won instead of Pakatan Rakyat.

Now, imagine my wife and me who are fully committed to the opposition cause and yet we were glad that Pakatan Rakyat did not get to form the new federal government. What is wrong here?

So can we forget about Perak? It’s gone. Nasi sudah jadi bubur (the rice has turned to porridge). We can’t undo that now. We need to look to the future. We need to prepare ourselves for the ‘Big One’. We need to ensure that while we have lost this battle, and maybe another one or two as we go along, we shall not lose the war.

Let them win these few battles. Never mind they won by foul means rather than fair. We need to focus on winning the great battle ahead of us, the ‘Big One’.

Hey, they may have won this round, even though unfairly. But did we not also help them win? They could not have won without our help. We chose unstable and unsavoury characters as candidates in the 8 March 2008 general election. And, against all odds, they won, much to everyone’s surprise.

I can almost imagine the top leadership of the opposition falling into their chairs in utter shock when the results came in. “Oh shit! Oh no! Fuck! They won! Hell, what we gona do now? Alamak, we have jokers in our government.”

Remember they could not even find a suitable candidate to become the Menteri Besar of Perak? Finally they had to select Nizar from PAS although his party won the least number of seats in the Perak State Assembly.

Yes, that was our problem. We selected court jesters and found that we had to place these court jesters onto the throne. And that scared the shit out of all of us. That was our problem. And these court jesters proved that they are nothing short of court jesters. And now the opposition is beginning to look like a joke.

Well, what do you expect? It is what court jesters do. They are jokers. So they make the opposition look like a joke.

Fuck 8 March 2008. Fuck the Federal Court. Fuck that one battle we just lost. Fuck the next few battles we are going to lose as well. Let’s go for the ‘Big One’. Let’s prepare for the next general election. And let’s prepare well, not shoddily like the last time.

And then let’s fuck Umno and Barisan Nasional good and proper!



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