Thursday, January 21, 2010

Serang Gereja : Anwar akan dituduh sebagai Mastermind?

Kalau benar apa yang ditulis.... CELAKA sungguh UMNO/BN itu!

Dalam artikel terbarunya Raja Petra Kamaruddin mengatakan kelapan-lapan dan ramai lagi yang telah ditahan dan akan ditahan kerana insiden menyerang Gereja hanyalah orang suruhan yang dibayar untuk melakukannya. Terdapat seorang dalang yang mengarahkan dan membayar mereka-mereka itu untuk melakukan serangan.

Lagipun sebijak manalah pemuda-pemuda itu yang berkerja hanya sebagai dispatch? Dan kalau mereka benar-benar bijak tentu mereka tidak akan berkerja sebagai Despatch tetapi mereka akan menjadi Ketua Bahagian UMNO untuk menyapu jutaan Ringgit wang pembayar cukai.

Cuba teka siapa yang akan dituduh oleh pihak Polis sebagai Dalang atau Mastermind disebalik kejadian menyerang gereja itu?...ya.. tekaan anda benar sekali.. Sudah tentu Anwar Ibrahim.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

It seems eight people have been arrested for involvement in the recent church attacks. And it seems the first one was caught ‘by accident’ when he went to hospital to seek treatment for burns on his body. And thereafter the others were caught when, obviously, he squealed on his comrades.

I suppose if he had not burned himself or had gone to hospital but had sought treatment elsewhere there would have been no arrests. Talk about a lucky break. We need more people to fall into the hands of the police for our men in blue to be able to solve crimes in Malaysia. And statements by fellow police officers of crimes being committed, even supported by Statutory Declarations, does not quite qualify as ‘falling into the hands of the police’.

Anyway, that is not the real icing on the cake -- as least not just yet. The icing on the cake will be when Malaysians wake up from sleep one fine morning to be greeted with the shock of the news of the real mastermind behind these church attacks.

Yes, that’s right, these eight, and the many more to be arrested as the police investigation goes on, are only the machais (minions). They are just the paid underlings. There is someone ‘big’ behind these young perpetrators. These eight, and those others who may be arrested in time to come, are not the brains. After all, how much brains can young men working as despatch riders have? If they had more brains they would not be despatch riders but would instead be Umno division heads ripping off the taxpayers of millions of Ringgit.

And guess whom the police will reveal as the mastermind behind the church attacks? Yes, that’s right, you guessed it…Anwar Ibrahim.

Does that shock you? Nothing should shock us any longer when it comes to Malaysia. Hey, if Anwar can beat himself up in the police lockup in Bukit Aman after he was already lying on the floor unconscious, and if Anwar can sodomise his wife’s driver in an apartment block in Kuala Lumpur that was not even built yet and when he was in another part of the world, can’t Anwar engineer a simple thing like pay young men to attack churches?

That is what Malaysians are soon going to wake up from sleep to discover. Anwar Ibrahim is the mastermind behind the recent church attacks. Well, at least this is what they are planning up in the top floor of the police headquarters in Bukit Aman according to the police officers that report to me and not to IGP Musa Hassan.

And why not we also throw in Raja Petra Kamarudin as one of those involved in the conspiracy? And to make the conspiracy theory sound credible why not pro-Umno Blogger and CEO of the Umno-owned newspaper, Rocky’s Bru, start suggesting that. And note the latest posting in Rocky’s Bru (below) that draws our attention to the fact that “three of them have names starting with "Raja", that much I was told (Raja as in Raja Petra Kamarudin, not Rajasekaran).”

Remember my earlier posting a few days ago about the burning of the Reichstag? Well, what did I tell you?

Now you know why Malaysia Today is always ahead of Bukit Aman. Even as they are thinking about it we already know.

Many did not quite understand what that posting a few days ago was all about. They did not see the relevance. Well, now do you see the relevance? The relevance is Hitler burned the Reichstag and blamed the ‘enemies’ of Germany for it. And he also built a national car and accused his number two of sodomy and propagated Ketuanan Germans and whatnot.

Now do you see the relevance?

I hope I have not removed the element of surprise and that when you wake up from sleep to be greeted with the news that Anwar Ibrahim is the mastermind behind the church attacks it will no longer be a shock.

Sorry for spoiling the surprise.

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