Tuesday, December 22, 2009

F5E : Missing RMAF Jet engine – Another perspective

I wish to share with my readers an email that I received from a friend regarding the stolen RMAF jet fighter engine; the contents of which seems to show the better side of the RMAF and the former Chief of Air Force (presently the Chief of Defence Force).

The originator of the email writes:

“I am writing to share the little knowledge and experience I have, doing Air Force business. My company specializes in Aviation/Aerial Refueling. I have been supporting the RMAF for a good number of years. My objective in responding this thread is to give a fair perspective of the state of affairs in the RMAF and rebut numerous accusations and innuendos that we have seen in this tread.

Once upon a time the RMAF procurement and logistics had this reputation of being rotten. Yes, once upon a time. When Gen Tan Sri Azizan (the present Chief of Defence Force) took office as the Chief of Air Force in 2006, the cleaning up process started. The discovery of the loss of engine was discovered during his watch in 2007. As part of the cleaning exercise, more than 15 officers were asked to leave or terminated with disgrace from the Air Force, or sent to the freezer. The highest ranking was a Brig Gen with a Dato title. There were companies banned and blacklisted from the panel of suppliers for MINDEF.

Credit must be given to Tan Sri Azizan for the resolve to arrest the rot. Credit must also be given to the then Minister of Defence without whose support the initiative to get the culprits, some of whom were UMNO businessman, would not have reached the present day level and exposure.

I must stress that from my personal experience and observation in the last 3 years, the efforts have been genuine and not whitewashing.

I guess, as a recognition of his effort, Tan Sri Azizan was promoted to be the Chief of Defence Forces recently. Again, without the endorsement of the PM, that would not be possible. The succession plan that has been put in place seem to have been done to ensure the continued effort on this front.

The cleaning process is ongoing. Let us give the process its due course. I support the initiative as I stand to benefit. Only the good companies will survive the challenges of doing the aviation business in a clean and fair environment.

I hope that clarifies. Let us be fair and just as God loves those who are fair and just”.





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