Wednesday, July 22, 2009

FINAL JOURNEY of Teoh Beng Hock...

We are sad. We are equally angry.

It's silent outrage enveloping all around us. There's no vengeance, but we want justice.

Beng Hock died at MACC compound, July 16, in very suspicious circumstances. He was buried yesterday.

The beloved Beng Hock left behind, including his wife and their unborn child, will have to face the grim reality that the killers are still roaming free at large.

For Beng Hock's family, it's a cruel, tormenting torture of a life time that Ahmad Said Hamdan can't possibly empathise.

For Malaysians irrespective of race, as can be vividly seen from pictures of silent outrage at Beng Hock's funeral yesterday, justice cannot be delayed. Justice cannot be denied.

Malaysians will not allow MACC to be a Malaysian Agency for Cover-ups and Conspiracy, or a licensedSyarikat Pembunuh Rakyat Malaysia, or SPRM in Malay.

Najib should know MACC is parked under the Prime Minister's Department. Give us the truth now.

Now is Her.. Tomorrow.. maybe you or me..

The siblings... not that many, but survived

The Last rite..

A moment of silence... and silent outrage

Hian Wah lost a close aide

The final journey..

We will get down to the truth for this tragedy -- the first Death in Custody under the Najib Regime.

We shall soldier on.

Beng Hock is dead and buried.
Now, get us the truth!

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