Monday, July 6, 2009

Dibakar hidup-hidup!!!

Agak menghairankan diera IT ini masih ada golongan yang mempercayai Bomoh atau Ahli Sihir di Negara kita.. Golongan Bomoh atau Ahli Sihir ini masih dipercayai untuk mendapatkan bantuan atau pertolongan, tak kira lah untuk tujuan apa sekalipun samada nak dapat kerja, nak cari jodoh atau pun nak dapat jawatan sekalipun.. Kalau korang tak percaya tengok dekat sini, sini , sini dan juga sini..

Tapi berlainan pula dengan sebuah negara diAfrika iaitu Kenya.. Golongan ini akan dibakar hidup-hidup seperti yang disiarkan dalam berita dibawah...

This happened not too long ago in a village in Kenya called Kisii Nyamataro. Five elderly people burned to death because they were labeled as witches by bishops, and the townspeople just soak it all up and believe every word.


It's hard and sad to believe there are still things like this going on in the world because of religion, and even worse that it's running rampant in Africa.

Everyday, thousands of children no more than a few years old everyday are either banished from their towns and not allowed back in (often by their own parents), killed, or left maimed for life.

Either that or bishops will perform stupid little rituals on the kids at the expense of an entire years salary for the parents, about 150 pounds, to apparently "cure" them. Right. Is Africa beyond the point of repair? And if not, where do you even start? Donate a few dollars? Storm the whole place with troops and regulate the villagers?



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